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Vampire Facelift™ Procedure from PRGF®-Endoret®

Milngavie Dental Care are  proud to be the premier provider of the PRGF PRGF®-Endoret® formerly called Vampire Facelift™ procedure in Scotland.

What is PRGF?

PRGF stands for Plasma Rich Growth Factor.  They are natural proteins in platelets found in blood.  The therapeutic application of growth factors is that it stimulates and accelerates the processes of tissue repair, healing and regeneration.

What is the PRGF Facelift Procedure like?

PRGF Facelift is an organic facelift procedure, whereby stem cell science is used to encourage your body to produce more collagen to create the appearance of younger skin. The PRGF Facelift works with your own blood plasma as our Clinicians extract your blood to begin the anti-wrinkle treatment.

The PGRF Facelift procedure is a 3 step process.  You should be in and out of the practice within a couple of hours.

How Does it Work?

During the treatment a sample of blood is taken from your arm and then placed in a centrifuge, allowing the platelets to seperate.The platelet rich growth factor is then extracted into a syringe to prepare a platelet-rich injectable gel.  This is then injected on to the face and neck.

Treatment Regime & How Many Treatments are Required?

Treatment with microinjections of PRGF®-Endoret® is recommended as a preventative level starting from age of 35 to slow the ageing process, or from 45 on, with regenerative and corrective purposes.

The effects of PRGF®-Endoret® microinjections are progressive and begin to be evident after 24 hours from the first application, with an increase in the smoothness and brightness of skin with each new session. It is recommended to receive three sessions in the first three months. Subsequently, the treatment is personalised, with usual maintenance being one to three sessions per year.

How is the PRGF Facelift different from other similar facelifts?

It  is different from cosmetic injectables like JUVÉDERM® in that it does not only add volume, but also, stimulates your own collagen production and cell migration to eliminate lines and wrinkles. The results are subtle, natural and last up to two years. Also unlike other such systems the PRGF-Endoret is capable of extracting the white blood cells during centrifugal process hence causing virtually no or minimal inflammation.

Can the PRGF Facelift be Combined with Fillers?

Yes, and we often recommend patients combine thePRGF Facelift  with hyaluronic acid fillers like JUVÉDERM® for deep lines. PRGF’s attach to filler to stimulate collagen production, providing better volume results. PRGFs also make traditional fillers last longer, giving you younger skin.


Other Applications

What is the Treatment Cost?

£375 per session

£900 for 3 sessions

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