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IV sedation

Our clinicians are experienced in the treatment of anxious patients and offer IV sedation, which is also known as conscious sedation. A drug called Midazolam is administered through an injection in the back of your hand to make you feel calm and relaxed.

With conscious sedation you are awake throughout your treatment. IV sedation does not actually induce sleep; instead, you remain conscious and can follow instructions from your dentist and communicate well. You may feel as if your treatment has been carried out in  matter of minutes when it may have taken longer. This allows us to carry out complex dental treatments, in fewer appointments and relaxed setting.

The effects wear off quite quickly, enabling you to be escorted home by a friend a short while after your treatment.

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We are committed to delivering bespoke, family dentistry and ongoing care that gives you peace of mind.

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Replace missing teeth and secure dentures with implants that look, feel & work like real teeth.

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Always wanted straighter teeth? Well now you can with our range of fast, clear & removable adult braces.

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